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Meet the Team

When working with us, our clients have access to an entire team of diverse experience and skill sets to help move their business forward.  In addition to the capabilities, we're just FUN people to work with and will constantly be pushing you and your team towards better!

Our team is unified and strong, all committed to helping our customers achieve their desired goals. 

Our customers not only appreciate the positive transformations we help them attain for their business, but also feel our genuine and human approach, making working together that much more fun!

- Tania Ferla, Director of Operations


Founder &

Certified Professional Coach


Director of



Business Improvement


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Olga Lopez

Business Improvement Manager

With 20 years of experience in Logistics, Operations, Finance, and Customer Service, Olga possesses exceptional general management skills and first-hand leadership experience in the Cement, Paper, Transportation & Logistics and Recycling industries.


She holds a degree in Industrial Engineering, and is Scrum Master and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified, skill sets that improve our customers' businesses on a daily basis.  She specializes in systems assessment and process optimization, from design to implementation, and loves engaging teams to deliver business strategy, company objectives and overall performance.

Her career started at Smurfit Kappa, as an Industrial Engineer, applying analysis of Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) methodology.  Since then, she has held key roles in business expansion and leading teams through periods of significant organizational change.

A perceptive but straightforward leader, she has great insight into what drives people and loves to support them in achieving their personal and professional goals!

Olga Bio

Tania Ferla

Director of Operations

Tania has 12+ years experience in initiating effective change and delivering sustained results in advertising & media, transportation, logistics and manufacturing industries.


Her main responsibilities have been to lead cross-functional teams in organizations, specializing in Continuous Improvement, Business Transformation & Customer Experience.  She is accustomed to leading high impact projects, ranging from the implementation of company-wide project frameworks to customer value-added tech solutions like AI and RPA.

No stranger to corporate Key Performance Indicators, she strongly believes in the power of KPIs and working with top management to drive continuous improvement and results.  There is nothing she enjoys more than tackling large company problems, identifying the gaps between current situation and desired outcome, and laying out the roadmap to get there. 


Besides Tania’s professional corporate experience, her natural desire to help and support a cause, no matter the area, has, and will continue to be, the driving force that makes her, as well as, her valued clients, flourish!

Tania Profile.jpg
Tania Bio
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Norm Tam

Founder & Certified Professional Coach

With over 20 years of Executive Management and Leadership experience, Norm started his coaching & consulting practice in 2020, inspired by his own personal Ikigai and a vision to help people and businesses in a more fulfilling way.

His clear purpose is to accompany his customers, as a strong right-hand, through meaningful change in their businesses to help them expand to levels they have not been able to achieve on their own.

His professional talent is being able to assess very complex business problems and articulate solutions to resolve them, in a very simple way.  This comes from deep experience in leading all areas of a corporation throughout his career, from Software Development, IT, HR, Operations, Finance, Customer Experience and Marketing. 

His passion for coaching and developing people shines in the work he delivers to his customers daily, always looking for opportunities to improve the overall confidence and motivation of any team he joins.  He has in-the-trenches experience of building managers and leaders, and combines soft leadership skills development and hard management, results-oriented development seamlessly.

Aside from his unique ability to improve companies from the inside-out, while constantly focusing on combining People, Processes and Technology to get the best results, he brings a collaborative spirit and a personal positivity to any room he is a part of! 

Norm Bio

Onboard an experienced team overnight to help you build the business you have been striving for


Mélanie Lambert, Co-Founder at Boostalab

melanie lambert.jpeg

As part of a strategic planning for our startup, Norm helped us clarify our growth strategy and create a motivating strategic plan for our entire team.

We were also able to benefit from tools to plan and monitor our company actions better, which improved our management discipline and our capacity to react and take faster decisions.

Norm understood our distinctive culture well, never hesitated to challenge our practices and offered us simple and effective tools!

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