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"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems."

- James Clear, "Atomic Habits"

Taking your business to the next level is easier than you think!

Norm Tam Coaching gives business owners a clear step-by-step process to make the key shifts needed to improve their overall operation while elevating their role as thriving, confident leaders.

Follow our proven process:

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Get Clear

Every business has its own special set of needs. That's why we offer a complimentary clarity session that guides you through an eight-point analysis of your operation in order to:


• Get an objective assessment of your overall operation

• Identify your business's challenges and strengths

• Receive specific recommendations to improve your business


When you're ready to move forward, we will send you a customized proposal for your Business Improvement Plan. Proposals are sent within 24 hours of a request and include a detailed listing of deliverables, schedules, and corresponding costs. *Clarity sessions can be done via video conference or face-to-face. Our goal is to meet you where you are, no matter what!

Get Started

Every engagement starts with a two-hour workshop that includes the business owner and any necessary members of the management team. The goal of this workshop is to create your three-month transformation plan that will help you:


• Identify and prioritize the key challenges to overcome in the next quarter

• Select the tools and methodologies used to address these issues

• Explore new strategies to ensure positive outcomes


This workshop is a high-energy, uplifting experience for you and your team. It's the point where you begin to transform your business dreams into an inspiring reality.

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Get to Work

This is where the real magic really happens — Norm works closely with you and any key team members as you undergo your business transformation and hit next-level success. No one should lead all on their own. With Norm's support and guidance you will:


• Build a strategy that aligns with your purpose and company objectives

• Make confident decisions to move your people and operations forward

• Innovate your processes to elevate your business


At this stage, you will start to regain the time and energy needed to start working on the strategy side of your business. Clients tell us that they start to feel calmer and more energized within days of this execution stage, allowing them to expand their business exactly the way they want.

Get Results

At this stage of the journey, you'll be getting more done with greater efficiency and ease. After 90 days of implementation, we'll conduct a follow-up audit to ensure that everything is running the way it should. The post-engagement audit helps you:


• Highlight key points of success

• Identify new opportunities for growth

• Fine-tune systems and processes for maximum efficiency


This step isn't goodbye. It's until we meet again. Norm and his team are dedicated to helping you become the empowered business leader you were meant to be. We are always available for consultation and support throughout your transformation.

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Everything is possible with the right systems and support

"So many successful business owners still feel overwhelmed by the problems they face in their business. The truth is that every problem can be solved when you break it down and really start to focus on the real barriers to success. And that's what our process is all about — helping you realize the potential of your business through a clear and tactical process."



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Samantha Bateman
Founder & President, Integria Talent

I had toyed with the idea of growing beyond an independent consultant and having a team. I couldn’t seem to be creative about my own life and take this lofty goal and turn it into something tangible. Working with Norm unlocked so much in me. I was insecure about growing the business and couldn’t wrap my mind around what the growth could look like. Working together, listening to my vision of an ideal business structure and then mapping it out was life altering. In less than a year we grew our team to 5! Norm didn’t shove what he thought I should build but worked with my vision. He challenged me to think of things differently and he continues to hold me accountable. It’s been wild! Our revenues continue to increase and my team is absolutely fabulous. What’s more, I have a vision for them as well and how they in turn will build and lead their own teams. This is huge when it comes to engagement. While I continue to have moments of insecurity, I’m getting settled into my new role in Business Development. My team is empowered and independent and knows what they’re doing. We have honest discussions around the business and my role leading Business Development. I also have overcome (with Norm's help of course) my fear about hiring and building a team.

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Peter Lovett
Vice-President & Owner, King City Northway Forwarding

Our organization experienced rapid growth in the last five years and went through “growing pains” in all departments. We struggled to keep up with day-to-day operations and we were constantly trying to keep our head above water. Norm was able to analyze the Ins-and-Outs of our business in a very systematic manner and presented us with a detailed plan on how to tackle each issue. After following his advice and making the necessary adjustments, our business operations and processes improved drastically, which allowed us to further grow and achieve our goals. We saw an overall increase in employee and customer satisfaction, as all the areas that were improved simultaneously helped everyone involved in the business. As a leader, Norm’s leadership coaching helped me better manage my day-to-day and allowed me to grow into a more complete leader.

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