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Who We Work With

Growing as a leader takes time, effort and the right kind of support.

Wondering if you're a good fit with what we do?  Here's an overview of our general approach to coaching and business consultation.   If any of these challenges sound familiar, then book a clarity call.


Let’s work together to help you achieve next-level success.

What Our Clients Say

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Mélanie Lambert, Co-Founder at Boostalab

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As part of a strategic planning for our startup, Norm helped us clarify our growth strategy and create a motivating strategic plan for our entire team.

We were also able to benefit from tools to plan and monitor our company actions better, which improved our management discipline and our capacity to react and take faster decisions.

Norm understood our distinctive culture well, never hesitated to challenge our practices and offered us simple and effective tools!

Business Vision & Planning


You haven't mapped out a plan for strategic business development.

You don't know how to affect the big changes within their operation.

You feel like don't have time for long-term planning and company structure.


Use reliable tools to identify short-term and long-term goals.

Get expert guidance from an experienced business leader, to motivate your team and transform your business with great ease.

Work with a coach who can help you reclaim your schedule to give you the freedom and flexibility to

get what you need to get done, done!

Team Building & Development


You feel like your staff doesn't care about the business as much as you do.


Help empower your team with better org charts that outline roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the business.

You're afraid that you'll hire the wrong people, and you're not too sure how to hire the right people.

Create the right systems to ensure good hiring processes based on actual needs, tangible productivity numbers and costs.

You don't think that your team is ready for more independence.

Follow a step-by-step process to wean yourself off of micro-managing while also motivating your team to take on a leadership mindset too!

Decision Making & Financial Growth


You don't know how to account for the cost of important decisions.

You're afraid that your people are leaving money on the table, but you don't know where.

You're worried you'll lose more than you'll gain if you make a big change.


Develop the right KPIs and dashboards in your business to make smarter, fact-based decisions.

Create auditing processes to identify better opportunities for financial gain.

Stop relying on subjective "grey" reasoning.  Develop better information to make data-backed decisions that will ensure better outcomes.

We know that there are many "experts" out there, pitching expensive solutions and promising incredible results.


Our approach is different because every business is different.  As a Certified Professional Coach, Norm Tam offers a holistic approach that will assess your business, and together build a customized plan that suits your unique needs, aligning you with where you want to take your business.

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