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Norm Tam Consulting

You know you're capable of more.
We'll help you get there.

A proven right-hand to clarify the vision of your business, optimize your operations, and remove all the obstacles holding you back from success. 

At Norm Tam Consulting...

We help businesses,

structure and optimize their operations, that are currently limiting their growth.

Follow a Proven Process
Improve Your Operations
Expand Your Business

Many business owners know the potential of their business but struggle to identify the barriers getting in the way of that next stage of success.

You have ambitious goals for your business, but:

✖︎ Day-to-day operations take up too much time and energy.

✖︎ The business is running but it's not expanding the way you want.

✖︎ Micro-level problems prevent you from achieving macro-level goals.

✖︎ You need to make changes but don't know what changes to make.

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Get a clear perspective and a proven process to take your business to its next level.

Norm Tam and his Team

Work with Norm and his Team

As an experienced corporate executive and certified coach, Norm Tam helps established business owners make the important changes to the way they work so they can expand their businesses with clarity and confidence.

✓  Identify what's really holding your business back.

✓  Implement the right structure on your team.

✓  Define clear objectives and the way to achieve them.

✓  Finally become proactive instead of reactive.

Stop working in your business.
And start working on your business.

"Because it can be lonely at the top."

A Note from Norm

It takes a lot of grit and stamina to build and grow a business, but expanding your operation can be a challenge, especially when you're doing it by yourself.

Most of the clients I meet know they need a new approach.  They just don't know what that approach would look like.

As one client said to me "Norm, I know my business is capable of so much more, I just don't know what's missing to get there since I've been working the same way for so long."

Here's the thing — we all have blind spots.


We need someone to give us an objective viewpoint.

We need a sounding board to help us make the right choices.

We need a co-pilot to help us as we pivot our business toward greater efficiency and growth.

You're supporting an entire team.

But who's supporting you?

That's where I come in.

I've built my own thriving businesses.  And as a corporate executive, I've transformed entire operations and divisions to help them achieve a greater level of success.

As a business coach, COO Consultant, and Executive Right-Hand, I offer this experience along with practical tools and strategies to help you achieve better results for your business, your team, and yourself.

Looking forward to hearing about your business,

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A Note from Norm Tam

Anything is possible when you have the right support.

samantha bateman.jpeg
Samantha Bateman
Founder & President, Integria Consulting

I had toyed with the idea of growing beyond an independent consultant and having a team. I couldn’t seem to be creative about my own life and take this lofty goal and turn it into something tangible. Working with Norm unlocked so much in me. I was insecure about growing the business and couldn’t wrap my mind around what the growth could look like. Working together, listening to my vision of an ideal business structure and then mapping it out was life altering. In less than a year we grew our team to 5! Norm didn’t shove what he thought I should build but worked with my vision. He challenged me to think of things differently and he continues to hold me accountable. It’s been wild! Our revenues continue to increase and my team is absolutely fabulous. What’s more, I have a vision for them as well and how they in turn will build and lead their own teams. This is huge when it comes to engagement. While I continue to have moments of insecurity, I’m getting settled into my new role in Business Development. My team is empowered and independent and knows what they’re doing. We have honest discussions around the business and my role leading Business Development. I also have overcome (with Norm's help of course) my fear about hiring and building a team.

peter lovett.jpeg
Peter Lovett
Vice-President, King City Northway Forwarding

Our organization experienced rapid growth in the last five years and went through “growing pains” in all departments. We struggled to keep up with day-to-day operations and we were constantly trying to keep our head above water. Norm was able to analyze the Ins-and-Outs of our business in a very systematic manner and presented us with a detailed plan on how to tackle each issue. After following his advice and making the necessary adjustments, our business operations and processes improved drastically, which allowed us to further grow and achieve our goals. We saw an overall increase in employee and customer satisfaction, as all the areas that were improved simultaneously helped everyone involved in the business. As a leader, Norm’s leadership coaching helped me better manage my day-to-day and allowed me to grow into a more complete leader.


Gain the clarity you need to build a strategic vision and plan.

"With the growth of our agency, we needed to review and revise our current Organizational Chart.  The current management structure/framework  was not meeting the demands of the work environment.

Norm provided exercises which allowed the management team  to reflect and analyze our current work styles and environments. We identified gaps and strategies to improve on.

He is great to work with, he made each member of the team feel valued . He is personable , comfortable to talk to and really listens to your challenges . I believe we all felt empowered after each of our sessions!

It was a great experience."

- Darlene Armer, Executive Director at LARC

melanie lambert.jpeg
Mélanie Lambert
Co-Founder, Boostalab

As part of a strategic planning for our startup, Norm helped us clarify our growth strategy and create a motivating strategic plan for our entire team. We were also able to benefit from tools to plan and monitor our company actions better, which improved our management discipline and our capacity to react and take faster decisions. 
Norm understood our distinctive culture well, never hesitated to challenge our practices and offered us simple and effective tools!

martin landry.jpeg
Martin Landry
President & CEO, Intelligence Industrielle

Before working with Norm, we had many difficulties in being able to plan in the medium to long term. We weren't able to step back enough to build a game plan that would act as a guide for the next few years. We were able to change this in our work with Norm by analyzing our weaknesses in order to be able to address them as a priority, but above all by analyzing our strengths in order to focus our strategies on the successes of the past. We are now at a stage in the growth of our business where we can no longer lead by entrepreneurial "feeling" only. Having our strategic plan for the next few years helps guide all of our decisions and strategies.

intelligence industrielle.png

Get ready for your next step of business growth.

Break free from your business plateau.
Feel clear, confident, and ready for your next stage of growth.

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