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"My mission is to help passionate business owners unleash their full potential and hit that next stage of success with greater ease."

- Norm Tam

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Helping leaders expand their capacity.

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Everyone's life is a journey filled with interesting challenges and tough choices, and my life has been no different. The lessons, skills, and insights I've collected over the years influence the way I work with clients to help them achieve their goals.
Here's my story:


From Physics Nerd to Business Nerd

I'm 20 years old and on the path to becoming a B-minus engineer.  Despite expectations from family, friends, and my own "inner critic," I listen to my gut instincts instead and switch to a B.Comm program and start thriving.

Lesson - Listening to your gut takes confidence.


Learning Through Doing - Founder

Despite several lucrative job offers out of university, the creative side of me longed to build something of my own. Within months, I established a web development business. My success was rooted in aligning a dedicated team that provided premier service to an international portfolio of clients.

Lesson - Build a team that supports your vision.


Scaling My Skill Set - Integrator

Above and beyond tech know-how, building my business taught me how to manage and motivate teams to create synergistic and positive work environments. Equipped with this skill, I joined a growing organization and established the necessary foundations to further expand in the Canadian market.

Lesson - Create an organization where people want to stay.


Expanding My Capacity - C-Suite Executive

My position grew with the company. As a C-suite executive working in various capacities, I accelerated the growth of the company while elevating standards of excellence for team performance and customer service.

Lesson - Excellence is created through systems and processes.


Helping Leaders Thrive - Business Coach

Inspired by the success I'd experienced in-house, and the many business leaders I worked with, I realized that my true purpose was to empower and guide others to help take their business to the next level, so they can reach their full potential.

Lesson - Every great leader has a guide dedicated to their success.

What's your story?
And where do you want to go?

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Meet with Norm and his team to identify your specific goals for your business.

Using a proven process Norm will identify its bottlenecks and opportunities for innovation.

Get a step-by-step game plan to expand your business in the way you want.

Become the leader you always know you could be. Get support from a coach who sees your full potential.

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