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Become the leader you were meant to be.

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You've got questions.

We've got answers.

How long is the consulting engagement?

Typically, it takes three months for clients to follow our process and to start seeing results. We conduct a follow-up audit after the process to ensure that you're on track, and we are always available via call or email if you have more questions, want feedback, or just want to say hello!


How often do we meet during our engagement?

Following our kick-off planning call (step two) we meet once a week to monitor progress and hold everyone accountable for our common goal.


I have Zoom fatigue.  Can we meet in person?

Of course. There's a special magic that happens when we meet face to face, and we are always happy to nurture that personal connection!


I live far away. Can we meet via video conference?

Of course. If video conferencing helps maximize efficiency then we're all for it! We are dedicated to doing what works best for you.


Do you work with teams or groups?

Our priority is to work with you, the business owner, first. However, we do consult with key team members to ensure that all new systems and processes are implemented with maximum efficiency and ease.


After all, a strong management team is essential to helping you get to where you want to go.


What is the payment plan?

Every business is different, and each offer is customized to the needs of the client. The payment structure and schedule are included in the custom proposal you will receive.


Does your service qualify for subsidies?

Yes. Clients located in the province of Quebec may qualify for financial assistance through Emploi Quebec. We are always willing to help clients secure this funding, which we can address in our clarity call.


What if I want to discontinue the service?

Client satisfaction is the most important aspect of our service. You can cancel your engagement at any time and for any reason. That said, we have never had a cancellation because clients see the results of our work very quickly in the process.


I've worked with consultants. What makes you different?

You can check out my bio HERE, but in summary, I am a successful entrepreneur and former C-suite executive who's taken on many leadership roles throughout my career. I have led HR, IT, Operations, Project Management and Customer Experience teams throughout my entire career.  I have complemented this experience becoming a Certified Professional Coach to help established business owners optimize their own performance and expand their business.  Clients enjoy working with me because I know their struggles firsthand, and I have the experiential knowledge to help them overcome roadblocks and achieve their goals.


How do you measure outcomes throughout the process?

Change is sometimes gradual but always real. Our Kick-off plan will identify the metrics we will use to measure success for your business. Our weekly calls will include a review of these metrics and performance so that we can make any necessary adjustments to improve or expedite results.


When should I expect to see results?

Most of our clients start seeing significant results within the first few weeks of the engagement. Many clients have told us that they begin to feel more energized as they claw back time to work on the important high-level aspects of the business. Others see improved alignment in their teams. And of course, many of our clients increase their revenues, even at the beginning of our process.


Whatever your goals, we aim to optimize your processes and personal performance as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.


How can you ensure that we'll be a good fit?

Well, at this point, we can't! That's why we always have a free clarity session with prospective clients. The call will give you a chance to see how we approach business consulting. And no matter what, you'll leave the session with a greater level of clarity about your business as well as specific action steps to help improve your processes.


If you feel that Norm's approach is right for you, then we will send you a detailed proposal for the consultation process, and we'll get to work.


Here's our advice —


Remember that hiring a consultant is a process. We need to be the right fit to make it work. So, ask questions and go with someone who can support you while also pushing you out of your comfort zone to make important changes in your business. If that's Norm, then we're excited to start the process. If it's someone else, then that's amazing too. Ultimately, you will find the guide that's best for you.


I have more questions. Who can I ask?

We are always happy to answer any and all queries. Please contact us HERE, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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Let's Work Together

Work with a business coach who understands your experience.

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Mélanie Lambert
Co-Founder, Boostalab

As part of a strategic planning for our startup, Norm helped us clarify our growth strategy and create a motivating strategic plan for our entire team. We were also able to benefit from tools to plan and monitor our company actions better, which improved our management discipline and our capacity to react and take faster decisions. 
Norm understood our distinctive culture well, never hesitated to challenge our practices and offered us simple and effective tools!

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Martin Landry
President & CEO, Intelligence Industrielle

Before working with Norm, we had many difficulties in being able to plan in the medium to long term. We weren't able to step back enough to build a game plan that would act as a guide for the next few years. We were able to change this in our work with Norm by analyzing our weaknesses in order to be able to address them as a priority, but above all by analyzing our strengths in order to focus our strategies on the successes of the past. We are now at a stage in the growth of our business where we can no longer lead by entrepreneurial "feeling" only. Having our strategic plan for the next few years helps guide all of our decisions and strategies.

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